A downloadable game for Windows

[NOTE: This game has been updated since being submitted to the WAGchallenge. There were many game-breaking bugs at the end, and these have been fixed]

A demo game for PC created and brought to life in 17 days for Write A Game (WAG) Challenge in June 2015.

Claire loses her adult son Matthew in a car accident when he dives in to save another passer-by. Overcome with grief, she dives into the spirit world, determined to save him before he fully passes on. But the longer Claire remains in the spirit world, the more corrupted she grows. In her efforts to free Matthew, she is perverting the natural order. Soon, Claire may not even remember who she is anymore...

Featuring a haunting atmosphere, a heroine who remains defiant against the odds, and four different endings directly affected by your playstyle, this 20 minute RPG side-scroller is currently available for free download through itch.io

Story and Game Design
Tamika Buchanan and Stephanie Russo

Stephanie Russo
(Additional scripting: Tamika Buchanan)

Development and Art
Tamika Buchanan

Audio Production, Soundtrack and Vocalising
Stephanie Russo

Additional audio samples
Mike Koenig
Mark DiAngelo

Additional scripts
Victor Sant


Install instructions

WITHOUT RTP (and without access to RTP):
1. Go to this site to download the RTP, choosing "RPG Maker VX Ace" and then scrolling down and clicking the blue button at the bottom. Follow the instructions provided on the page to install the RTP: http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/additional/run...

2. Double click the downloaded file from us, extracting the file wherever you'd like. Double click the dragon-headed .exe inside the extracted file to get the game running.

WITHOUT RTP (and with access to the RTP):
1. Follow all instructions provided except for the first; you don't need to install the RTP to make this work.

The most sincere of apologies to any and all who must jump through our hoops to get the game working.


Pure/Heart(without RTP) (UPDATE) 237 MB